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Once considered the little black dress of the digital advertising world, Amazon Advertising now holds itself in the highest esteem with the world’s biggest digital advertising businesses.

Advertising on Amazon is so big that eMarketer recently released data pegging this burgeoning advertising mecca as the third largest in the US. To no surprise, brands of all shapes and sizes across nearly every vertical are giving Amazon Advertising a piece of their pie.

The Amazon DSP offers you unprecedented opportunities and access:

  • Exclusive Audience Access: Use exclusive audiences to reach your high-value customers with precision on and off Amazon properties.
  • Unique High-Quality Inventory: Reach your audience across both Amazon-owned sites and apps, including Amazon.com and IMDb, and leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges.
  • OTT Advertising: Tap into Amazon's growing Fire TV audience by taking advantage of its over-the-top (OTT) advertising capabilities. 
Take your Amazon Advertising to the next level by partnering with Brand Networks:
  • Expert Programmatic Buying: Our Managed Media team will plan and execute a powerful strategy across Amazon inventory. Then, we’ll continuously optimize your campaign to ensure you achieve the goals that matter most.
  • Award-Winning Creative: Our best-in-class Creative Services team will tailor your existing creative assets to meet Amazon’s requirements.
  • Holistic Analytics: We’ll read between the lines and provide thoughtful analysis across all of your campaigns to identify key opportunities moving forward.

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