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The Facebook Advertising Ecosystem

Advanced Strategy for Social Success


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Chances are you’re already advertising on Facebook, and that’s great—its audience, depth of data, and overall advertising power are second to none in the social advertising world.

But as powerful as Facebook advertising is, it’s equally complex. If you’re not optimizing each of its unique advertising channels specifically for your brand, you’re likely leaving money on the table.

In our new ebook, we take you on a journey through Facebook’s intricate advertising ecosystem, from desktop to Instagram to Facebook’s Audience Network (FAN). You’ll learn which ad placements fit your business goals, which ad types will yield the best results, and how to ensure you’re reaching the most engaged audience possible (including non-Facebook users).

Specifically you'll discover:

  • Why Facebook is unparalleled in its advertising capabilities (and the tricks you can use to make sure you’re getting the most out of it)
  • How to optimize your ads in each of Facebook’s unique ad environments, including desktop, mobile, Instagram, and FAN
  • Which ad types are available for each of Facebook’s ad objectives, and how to make sure you’re running the right combinations
  • How FAN is changing the face of not just social advertising, but the digital advertising landscape as we currently know it

Think you know Facebook? There's still a lot to learn.

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