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The Relevance Imperative

The New Rules for Marketing in a News-Feed Dominated World


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Ad blockers. Fragmented marketing technology. Distracted users.

All of these are obstacles you need to overcome if you want to have targeted, meaningful conversations with your prospects and customers. How do you break through?

You need to focus on native social. And you must be relevant.

In our new ebook, we walk you through the steps it takes to make your content truly relevant—plus the tools and processes you need in place if you want to share that content with the right people, at the right time, and on the right social channels.

In the ebook you'll learn:

  • Why relevance is the key to impactful marketing in a news-feed dominated social landscape
  • The three pillars of relevance—and why your campaigns might fail without them
  • The three categories of relevance—including which is the most powerful (and how to achieve it)
  • How you can deliver (and track) real-time, personalized campaigns to your target audience across both organic and paid efforts

Ready to put relevance at the core of your marketing? Download our ebook today.