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Free Roundup: Artificial Intelligence & Social Advertising

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Did you know that 34% of marketers surveyed worldwide by web presence and SEO
company Conductor said they felt most unprepared to deal with AI in 2018—the highest
rate of any technology mentioned, which included virtual/augmented reality? 

A lack of understanding is playing a powerful role in this uncertainty. Brands and agencies
are asking themselves: What exactly is AI capable in the context of social advertising?
What's the difference between AI technologies like machine learning, deep learning, etc.? 

Brand Networks is here to help clear the air.  

In the eMarketer Roundup presented by Brand Networks, you'll learn:

  • What social media marketers are up against, and how AI can help. 
  • Who, if any, are calling themselves experts on Artificial Intelligence. 
  • If consumers will accept AI-powered advertising.